28 April 2009

Wisdom Teeth Continued

Yesterday's problem was that my face was numb until about 8:00 pm. It's hard to eat with a numb face. I had to take my bowl of ice cream into the bathroom, so I could use the mirror to guide my ice cream into my mouth. Today's problem is that half my face swelled up in an alarming manner last night. The other half did not. I need one of those Phantom of the Opera masks.

These are the two highlights from my post-wisdom teeth extraction movie marathon:

Dear Frankie
This is such a lovely film! Frankie is a 9-year-old deaf boy who writes letters to the father he believes is a seaman on the Accra. Frankie's mother, Lizzie, responds to the letters to protect Frankie from the truth, but when Frankie discovers that the Accra is coming to town, Lizzie hires a stranger (a dreamy stranger) to pretend to be Frankie's father. The Scottish accents do not hurt one tiny bit.

Wuthering Heights - 2009
I don't actually like Wuthering Heights. It's billed as a romance but come on! What's romantic about a hero who's so broken that his "love" drives him to manipulate and destroy the lives of everyone in his entire family?

Still, and it might be the loritab talking here, I actually enjoyed this version of Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff's evolution from hero to villain is well-developed and almost all the characters (except Hindley) are portrayed sympathetically. And everybody's pretty. That always helps when telling a distasteful story. I'd still rather watch Dear Frankie, but if you're looking for a movie about a dysfunctional relationship, this one is better than the older versions of Wuthering Heights (or of Twilight).


Annie M. said...

How funny that you need a Phantom of the Opera mask and watched a movie with the HOT Gerard Butler who played The Phantom in the movie version of Phantom of the Opera. If you haven't seen the movie version, it's pretty good and the eye candy doesn't hurt either. Even if he is *evil*. :)

Heidi said...

What I liked most about Dear Frankie was the very end. And if I ever get a hold of this version of Wuthering Heights, I'll keep in mind about the Loritab. 'Cause I've never seen a good version either--same reasons as you have given.

P.S. My word verification is "chorkin"--and I think that should become a new word. Any ideas for a definition?

Lady Susan said...

I love Dear Frankie! And Gerald Butler is pretty dreamy in it. When I had my wisdom teeth pulled out (I think I was 16ish?) I read the Sally Lockhart series by Phillip Pullman and watched "The Man from Snowy River.) Good times, good times.

rebekah said...

i loved dear frankie. it was such a sweet story.

rebekah said...

ok, and that guy on the wuthering heights cover looks like a tool with that wig.

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