03 April 2009

What is it about the British?

I paid for my townhouse in Bath yesterday. When I emailed the owner about payment, he responded that he would "have a go" at sending a PayPal request, although they charge "a fair old whack" for the service. He also wrote that he'd just seen my "chap from the White House arriving on Downing Street." The extreme Britishness of the language made me swoon just a little bit. My mom keeps instructing me not to date while I'm in Europe, but if one visits a country in which the men wear good shoes AND use the word chap without sounding like idiots, one should maximize one's opportunities. Okay, Mom?

Oh, p.s. Marmot Dad asked this week if I had chosen a destination for the last week in September. You all gave good endorsements for a number of places. I do really want to visit Prague and I'd love to watch a hurling game (match?) in Ireland (and that's a fine place to pick up a man with an accent as well, or so movies and Breanne tell me), but Easy Jet made the most compelling case for me to fly to Milan by selling plane tickets from Bucharest for $50. You know where you can get from Bucharest for $50? NOWHERE. Except Milan. So now the real question is whether I should go east to Croatia or west to Cinque Terre after I arrive in Milan. Thoughts? (Now that you know I largely disregard the opinions I request.)


Heidi said...

I agree about the British guys and their accents. I think it's how all those Austen-like chick flicks do me in.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Grandma Frances isn't around any more. I think she would really enjoy your trip and all the planning.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Brit conversation footage, makes me happy. I love everyone calling you 'love' there, but 'chap' is a strong second. Go to Croatia. Congrats on a cheap ticket, I am dying inside a tiny bit with jealousy. In a good way.

Yankee Girl said...

Don't listen to your mom!

I've heard that Milan has some great outlet shops where you can get armani for like $300.

MBC said...

Heidi--I hear you.

Dad--I think she would. And she might have some tips on where to go in Italy and Greece.

Eliana--I'm leaning toward Croatia. It calls to me.

Yankee Girl--I have a co-worker who advised me that in a foreign country it is always wise to have a little fling. "Just don't hook up with terrorists. They can be so charming, but just don't," she advised. I didn't press her about her experience with that.

Nemesis said...

Croatia or Cinque Terre??? Way to pick pretty much the hardest decision EVER. I want to go to both places.

Breanne said...

I say! I'm chuffed as chips!

Kirsten said...

Yes, the British accent is lovely, which is the word they use a lot here, along with short 4 letter words that really don't have meaning anymore.

My new suggestion for travel, Albania. Read this article and I thought of you:


Moo said...

I know someone who plans vacations like you, but he's being a dodo-head. BTW, I invited your sister's family down for farming w/you sometime.

MBC said...

Nemesis--I want to go both places too. I need a wealthy benefactor to support my life as a dilettante.

Breanne--I had to go look up what that meant. Must study up before I hit Britain.

Kirsten--No, no. I need fewer places to visit.

Moo--Marmots on a farm would be hilarious. And possibly unkind to the animals.

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