01 April 2009

Give to Public Radio

KUER is holding its spring pledge drive, which takes me back to my days working the phones at WTIU, the public TV station in Bloomington. My roommates and I used to volunteer during WTIU's pledge drives, because our friend worked at the station. (Also, because public TV and radio are the BEST. Community access TV is fantastico too. In Bloomington, the community access TV was really open to the public and late at night you could watch super low budget TV shows created and produced by students in their backyards. I was also fond of watching the little child skating lessons/recitals from down at the ice rink that were televised on Saturday mornings.)

There are many good reasons to volunteer for a pledge drive (other than the worthy cause). There's usually pretty good food, you're on TV, you hear producers say special stuff like ". . . and with your pledge you'll receive this tote bag that symbolizes your special relationship with us here at the studio . . . " (just like that tote bag your boyfriend gave you to show you how special your relationship is), and there are many amusing conversations to be had with callers. One night I had this conversation multiple times.

Elderly Woman: I just saw that nice Michael Flatley on my television, so I had to call in and give a little something to keep him on the air.

MBC: Well, we appreciate your support.

Elderly Woman: Now, is Michael in the studio right now?

MBC: No, I'm afraid that performance was prerecorded in Chicago.

Elderly Woman: Because I'd like you to tell him what a fine job I think he does.

MBC: Oh, I'm sure he'd love to hear that. Now I just need to get a few pieces of information from you to process your pledge.

Elderly Woman: He's such a fine dancer and a good-looking man. There's a reason they call him the Lord of the Dance. Could you tell him that Bertram and I own all his videos? We just think he's so talented.

MBC: Yes, he's very popular. People love him. Now, would you like to pay by credit card or check?

Elderly Woman: My friend Verna loves him too. I think she has a little crush. She's a widow, you know. Probably don't mention that to him. Verna might not appreciate that getting out!

MBC: Oh, he'll never hear about Verna from me. So, this will be going on your credit card?

Elderly Woman: Now this money is only to go toward Michael Flatley's performances on WTIU, alright dear?

And so on.

Those were the days. But, seriously, contribute to the pledge drive.


MP said...

I can hear her sweetly cracking voice right now!

Eliana said...

I hate calling in for our NPR pledge drive because they always want to chat with me. I just want to give you money folks, isn't that enough???

JAMES said...

We donate to WNYC and WFMU. WFMU is my favorite radio station in the whole wide world. WNYC is good too, but I managed to overdose on NPR and now have to consume it in moderation...

E said...

Now I'm feeling all guilty about not pledging this time. Don't tell Ira Glass on me--I don't think I could handle the shame.

Those were some good times at the pledge drives--especially when we got the free baklava.

MBC said...

Eliana--That is why I always pledge online!

James--WFMU="More autoharp music than any other station" Nice.

E--I love those Ira Glass calls. And baklava.

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