06 May 2009

"How does your family feel about your big trip?"

Several months ago I came bounding into my sister's kitchen to tell her what fabulous deals I got on my plane tickets to and from the US.

MBC: Do you know what this means?

Correct Answer: It means that you, MBC, are the best traveler in the world. EVER.

Sister: It means that Marmot Babe is going to grow up without his aunt.

My sister, she's got a way with the daggers to my heart. Low blow.


On the phone with Mom several months ago:

Mom: Dad and I are getting our passports.

MBC: Why? Are you coming to play with me in Europe?

Mom: No. We just want to have them in case something terrible happens to you. Then we'll be able to come rescue you if you get in trouble or attend your wedding if you decide to elope.

(They did, truly, get passports. I interpret it as permission to get hitched in Europe.)


On the phone with Dad on Sunday:

Dad: Are you sure you want to go to Europe?

MBC: Yes.

Dad: Are you sure?

MBC: Even if I weren't sure, the library's already posted my position, so I have to go to Europe.

Dad: You don't have to go to Europe. You could come here.

MBC: What would I do there?

Dad: It doesn't matter what you would do here, because whatever it was, you would be safe.

MBC: What if a tornado hit town and sucked me up?

Dad: Well, I'd be here to grab your foot out of the tornado and bring you home safely.

That's how they feel.


JAMES said...

I endorse your travels...I also have a passport should anything untold or pleasantly wonderful happen. Indeed maybe SK and I will come visit you somewhere on your trip.

JAMES said...

Also, I've heard our parents woes about your safety. This despite being me and not you.

Eliana said...

Parents can worry. Your sister however should not break the heart with cruelty. I still think you should go and am so excited for you.

Yankee Girl said...

So when you are off on your fantastic adventures you are going to keep on reading and telling us what to read right? I'm worried about this and I want to know what they are reading on the tube in London.

Anonymous said...

dont worry I will come and get you (especially if you are in Ireland). Have fun. John

MBC said...

James--Ooooh, come to Europe!

Yankee Girl--Yes, I'll be reading, but who knows exactly what I'll be able to get my hands on.

John--Sorry, I won't be in Ireland. It's more likely that I'd need rescuing from Turkey or Romania.

rebekah said...

i haven't gotten over the fact that you didn't call your mom when you came to new york. i told my mom and sister about it. they were very disappointed.

Breanne said...

oh my gosh they got passports! you can totally get hitched over there! they are brilliant, by the way.

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