31 May 2009

Tuey Tuey Tuey

Tuey was full of amusing conversation today, but every time I tried to catch the funny on video, he stuck his hand in his mouth and became a man of few words. He did recite a little something for me before I stumped him with my question, making the ending of this video clip rather anticlimactic. I thought the grandparents would like to see it anyway.

Tuey also presented me with a lime as an early birthday gift tonight (and invited me to his birthday party where he hopes to receive "a bucket of candy canes and a package of lillypops"), rode his "'cooter" around the driveway, and cried when Marmot Dad took Marmot Babe to the doctor--not because he missed his father or his brother, but because he needed to tell the doctor that he had a "'crape" on his knee and a "hole" on his toe.

He is such a delightful boy. I wish I could carry him around in my pocket and take him out periodically for some cheery conversation.

1 comment:

JAMES said...

oh man I love him!

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