28 May 2009

Garden Harvest Cake

My mom spotted the recipe for this Garden Harvest Cake in the April issue of Cooking Light. It is very fine. I've made it four times in two weeks and no matter what I do to it, it comes out tasting lovely. (Today I almost forgot to add any sugar at all. That may not have been lovely.) It's mostly carrots and zucchini and apples with only a cup of flour to hold the whole thing together.

The magazine calls it Garden Harvest Cake but I call it Garden Harvest Bread, because then I feel so much better about eating it at every meal. And it's much less worrisome to discover that you've eaten half a loaf of bread than half a cake in the short period of time between when you baked it and when you go to bed.

The recipe (and photograph source) are here.


Heidi said...

Wow. I'm assuming the nuts are optional. Well, I guess it wouldn't matter at that because I always MAKE them optional, ha ha.

MBC said...

Yeah, I didn't have nuts yesterday, so my current loaf is nut-free and it's still tasty. The nuts make it extra special good, though, if you can eat nuts without ending up in the hospital or the grave.

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