26 May 2009

Memorial Day Hiking

Three friends and I went hiking in Zion National Park yesterday. I like hiking. I like being outside and being dwarfed by nature. I think it's good and important to feel small sometimes and to be overwhelmed.

This is Weeping Rock. Our shuttle driver said that the water coming out of the stone is 800-1200 years old. Because of the water, plants or hanging gardens, grow up and down the face of the rock.

This is a view along the river walk between the Temple of Sinawava and the Narrows. We first encountered the young, shirtless Europeans here. I appreciate it when people wear clothes in public. Nobody needs to know anyone else's brand of underwear, but I now know that my fellow hikers were wearing Dolce and Gabbana.

This is the same area and the point at which I began singing "The Dreidel Song" out loud and, when feeling compassionate toward my companions, in my head. Unfortunately, I could only remember the first line of the chorus. Very trying.

This is still on the river walk and the point at which I began taking self portraits. My hat, shirt, and capri pants were all purchased at my favorite rummage sale.

This is the view on the way to the Upper Emerald Pool.

The trail to the Lower Emerald Pool is wet because of the waterfall (a very unimpressive waterfall yesterday) that falls over the trail.

AJ and I stopped here and took a picture to show off my new hiking shoes, but then the picture was at an angle that made our bottom halves look weird. I'll just tell you, though, that I have new hiking shoes. They make me feel like Big Bird when I wear them, but they've got traction like you wouldn't believe.

This is the view from the Court of the Patriarchs. The limestone peaks were named for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by a minister who visited the area at the beginning of the 20th century.



Alice said...

I think you should always wear sunglasses in your photos that way your identity is always saved and it doesn't look creepy. You are nice!!

joanna said...

fun! I didn't see any of those rock formations when I went down there in March.

Sean said...

Zion National Park is one of my favorite places on the planet. Certainly one of my favorite places in Utah. So gorgeous. And I'm not really an outdoors person.

MBC said...

Alice--Just wait for Europe. I probably won't alter ANY photos there (because I won't have the time or the photo editor).

Joanna--Yeah, we missed the big ones like Angel's Landing, since we were just there for the day.

Sean--It's a nice one for the non-outdoorsy, since the trails are so accessible and it is so beautiful.

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