10 June 2009

Birthday 2 of 3 This Week

I forgot to take my camera to Madame M(5)'s birthday party tonight. It's fine, though, because you can just refer back to the photos from my party to get the feel of the evening. The sushi was the same (M(5) wanted what she considered a Chinese party with sushi and egg rolls and M(5) floating about in my sister's silky blue robe, which looks like a kimono if you have a very active imagination) and Tuey's signature dipping style was the same and the little children pumped up on sugar and the thrill of an event was the same. So just picture all of that again and then add a very large cake in the shape of a purple pony head with a flowing red (fruit leather) mane and milk dud nostrils and imagine the marmots and some little neighbors kids whacking a pony pinata in the living room and try to conjure up the image of Tuey enraptured by "pilly pocket" furniture and guarding it very fiercely from his siblings and throw in Marmot Babe wandering around clapping his hands and trying to eat teeny tiny doll shoes and you'll have a fairly clear idea of our evening.

1 comment:

rebekah said...

what is it about beating the heck out of a pinata? i wish i had one now, or every morning when i woke up. it would be such a jolly way to start the day. plus, there's candy.

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