26 July 2010

Steve and I both gasped when we spotted this toy at a yard sale on Saturday, because we both played with fashion plates as children (Steve in a much more manly way than I did). I stole this picture from the Internet and must say that I never fashion plated in such a neat and orderly way. I just raked a crayon over the plates to get a rubbing of the sassy 70s girl in her short tennis skirt and bell bottom pants suits.

This is right up there with my favorite things from the 80s. Other favorites include metal lunchboxes (I had Strawberry Shortcake), the theme song from the TV show Bosom Buddies, and that toy that I can't think how to describe. It had a little scene of a bedroom or something and there were little plastic-y sticker things that you could rearrange over and over again in the scene? You know?

We bought the fashion plates for Cali to play with, but we have to stop playing with them ourselves first.


JAMES said...



CSIowa said...

I received Fashion Plates from my aunt and uncle for my 12th birthday. I was offended because I was WAY too mature for Fashion Plates.

Anonymous said...

Let the record show that those were MY fashion plates you played with. And I would have totally snatched those up myself from a yard sale.

ldsjaneite said...

I never owned a fashion plate, and always wanted one! I had a birthday card that was like what you decribed. Loved it, until my dislike of stickers took over.

Yankee Girl said...

I loved fashion plates when I was little. That is so awesome that you found them!

MBC said...

JWCNJ--Yes! Colorforms!

CSIowa--I hope you kept it so you can play with it now, because they are extra awesome.

SCS--50 cents, baby. I do not recall that those plates belonged to you. Who really "owns" anything anyway?

ldsjaneite--I feel sorry that you missed out. They are fun fun fun.

Yankee Girl--I know. I've never seen them for sale anywhere before. We were lucky to find them.

Meg said...

I doubt Steve really told you how he played with fashion plates. i will take the liberty to fill you in.

In Nannie's and Granddad's house, (the one you are working on this summer) there is a small room upstairs with a curtain for a door. One summer Steve decided to start a fashion design company. I think that is was called Brogan Design Inc. or something.

Of course Steve was the head and would look over all the designs before he would give approval. My cousin Jenny, her friend, and I would work away drawing and using the fashion plates and submit them to Steve.

Interestingly enough Jenny and her friends designs were all approved and mine were always sent back. Steve told me that my ideas were not original and thus could not be used. This is how Steve played "manly" with the fashion plates, by crushing a 7 year-olds spirit.

True story.

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