07 August 2010

Bottle Houses

Tuesday we were on Prince Edward Island and saw the Bottle Houses.

the setting for the houses is lovely

the Coordinatrix in the tavern

Steve deciding we should have a family jug band

the altar in the chapel

Maybe this is the kind of hobby I should take up with all my current free time.


Anonymous said...

That is just awesome.

Anonymous said...

This bottle house reminds me of a story of one my seafaring lads who made a bottle fence for his wife whilst she was away for a couple of months. It was made from beer bottles all emptied by himself during her absence. She and her divorce lawyer were both impressed with his sense of dedication.


MBC said...

Meg--It is very cool.

KWB--That's an inspiring story! These houses are a bit less scandalous. Steve recognized the use of lots of juice bottles.

Brooke said...

Bottle Houses!? That's awesome.

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