10 August 2010

More Illustrations of Our Tour Guidery

A few more photos from our holiday with the Coordinatrix--

Entire History of Halifax in One Mural

Halifax Public Gardens

Winston Churchill Topped with Small Bird

Life-Size Photos of Anna Swan and Her Husband
I include it to represent our trip to the Tatamagouche Museum, not to illustrate that I no longer wash my hair.


eliana23 said...

Halifax appears to be an eclectic place. Hope you are having oodles of fun.

Moo said...

Long periods without washing hair are called "deep conditioning". Also, I'm wondering is wearing a nubby, knitted sweater suit in his likeness, or if he is just weather worn.

Moo said...

Please insert "if Winston Churchill" between the words "wondering" and "is" in my previous comment.

Meg said...

That is a beautiful love story, two giants found each other and fell in love *sigh*. Are there any details of their courtship at the museum? It's been so long since I was there last.

MBC said...

Eliana--I like the Halifax.

Moo--I think Winston is wearing a sweater. Halifax does get chilly.

Meg--There's a little bit of information about them, mostly just how they met through P.T. Barnum.

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