26 August 2010

The "Ex"

The provincial exhibition (state fair equivalent) is currently on in Nova Scotia. Steve claims it is better than Disneyland and since I'm not a huge fan of princesses, roller coasters, or price-gouging, I'm willing to agree with him. We attended last night as part two of Happy Steve Birthday.

Isn't this an ominous picture of the exhibition grounds, with the tractor shadows creeping up on those innocent visitors?

Old people love the tractor exhibits.

So does Steve.

I like the flower show.

And the elephant garlic.

And the fiddling (not pictured).


Pink Poultry

The Cutest Bunny Ever. Ever. His name is Gophie and I love him.
Oh, his little face! Don't you just want to eat him up?


eliana23 said...

Pink chicken, fantastic.

ldsjaneite said...

Great pictures--it looks like fun!

SCS said...

Tooie really really wants a pet chicken. In fact, he's convinced I've promised him one. In fact, I have. I guess. I wonder where I could get my hands on a pink one for him. (Can you shove that one under your already-stolen fleece jacket??)

Yankee Girl said...

Are those real flowers?

Moo said...

I'm going to admit that I find the pink chicken disturbing for some reason. I think I'm going to have nightmares about it tonight.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Steve. Give Aunt Jean hugs from us please!

Anonymous said...

What's left to breed once you've got a pink chicken. What colour eggs does it lay?


MBC said...

The pink chicken is both fantastic and disturbing. They also had yellow and blue ones. Steve thinks they just feed them food that changes the color and I read a book once that they do it by injecting the eggs with dye, so I don't know what happens when they breed.

SCS--You promised him a chicken? Does the city allow suburban chickens?

Yankee Girl--Yes! Aren't they gorgeous?

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