24 August 2010

Happy Steve Birthday

People always think I'm younger than I am. When I was traveling last year, middle-aged men kept asking me what I was studying in school and friends at church always express surprise when they discover my age. Even Steve thought I was probably too young for him when we met. I'm actually two months older than he is. Yesterday was his birthday, so now we're both 32 and I can stop telling him to grasp the halcyon days of 31 and promising him that he'll be so much wiser at 32 (like I am).

We celebrated at his aunt and uncle's house with the Theresa cake slathered in the best and easiest frosting (cream cheese + marshmallow fluff) and wild blueberries.

Steve assumes the position for candle blowing out.

The cake is better today than it was yesterday.

Happy Birthday to the Steve.


Eva said...

Mary Beth - I'll introduce myself, since I read your blog even though we've never met. It is only a matter of time before we will meet though, probably in Onsala where the headquarters of Steve's Swedish fan-club are.:)
Have a good day and Happy Birthday to Steve one day late!

Schiffman said...

Hi Steve,

Happy Birthday. Hope it was all you wished for! Thirty-two is a great age to be. Just reached it myself!

Theresa said...

weeeee! I feel honoured! Although I've never tried it with cream cheese filling (I'm a big fan of fluff though!) - it looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Cream cheese and fluff. It must be some sort of tribute to Steve's grandmother. The cake looks delicious. We'll have fluff stories about Nanie to swap soon.


MBC said...

Hi Eva--I hear I have you to thank for most of Steve's non-flannel clothes. I hope we'll get to Sweden soon!

Schiffman--Happy Birthday to you!

Theresa--Thanks for the cake recipe! It's yummy.

KWB--I've heard a few of those fluff stories. This is my favorite form for it to take.

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