20 August 2010

On the Road

Steve had a day off from house building yesterday, so we went touring.

Steve mined coal by hand at the fossil cliffs in Joggins (World Heritage Site). The fossil he found is not pictured. In the one photo we took of it, it is resting in my hand and I look like a squinty-eyed creature.
We hiked down to the lighthouse at Cape d'Or on the Bay of Fundy.

We hunted gems and clams at Five Islands, and I ate my first fried clams at a restaurant down the road before we attended a play at the Ship's Company Theatre in Parrsboro, a company that presents dramatic works from this area of Canada. I am very good at finding clams, but when I eat them I have to think about something else and sing a little song in my head, because I find the look of them distressing.

Nice day (and even mosquito-free).


eliana23 said...

What a lovely day.

JAMES said...

In honor of not coming to visit you yesterday we went to the beach and ate fried clams and grilled flounder. If you can overcome your fried clam mental condition you'll realize they are delicious. Also oysters are delicious. Oh, the bounties of the sea. I want to come up there...some time...also I want to go to Vineland.

Becky said...

He looks right at home in those shorts... I find it amazing really. You are amazing for convincing Steve to wear shorts. (among other things)

MBC said...

Eliana--Very nice!

James--Haven't tried oysters yet. Hmmmm. Yeah, you should come up next time we're here. I want to go back to Cape Breton (we went this weekend) and do the Cabot Trail.

Becky--He loves those shorts. He probably needs another pair. Ha! Everyone should always listen to me and let them boss them around.

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