30 August 2010

Scenes from a Car

We drove from the Maine/Canada border to Boston today, mostly via Highway 1 on the coast. I snapped photos out the car window until the battery died right before we got to the really charming portion of the drive.

(The angle on this is wacky, because I was leaning over the back of my seat to take this picture.)

Taking pictures out the window is hard.

Delicious lunch in Portland Maine followed by whoopee pie cake.


Katya said...

Is that the Penobscot Narrows Bridge?
I am a terrible person for not having been there, yet.

Anonymous said...

The drive down Hwy 1 is indeed a beautiful trip.


MBC said...

Katya--I think so. It was near a fortressy type building?

KWB--It is. We're glad we took that route, especially since today we'll be on major interstate all day.

eliana23 said...

I love white pumpkins, thanks.

ldsjaneite said...

This does look good.

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