31 August 2010

Grocery Store Treats

Today we drove from Boston to Virginia and stopped in a store in rural Pennsylvania. A fantastic store. I wanted to take lots of pictures, but even more than that I wanted to NOT be a gawking outsider. I snapped just one quick picture while the young women running the store weren't looking. This is the candy aisle. Imagine similar rows of flour and pretzels and noodles for Amish pot pie stored in clear plastic bags.

We bought pear butter and seasoning to make Italian sausage (which we can't get in the UK) and these tiny pig sprinkles. I feel overwhelmingly compelled to make a farm-themed birthday cake now.

Yesterday we stopped at a far less exciting grocery store in Maine. As we were standing in the dairy department, an elderly woman approached us. She looked very well put together and friendly, like a grandma. She turned to Steve and asked him, "Do you know how to keep a goober in suspense?" When he said that he didn't, she replied, "I'll tell you tomorrow!" Then she chuckled and patted me on the arm and confided, "Oh, I got him!"

I've never heard an adult use the word goober before.


CSIowa said...

At least she didn't call him a booger.

That rural Pennsylvania grocery store sounds just like Stringtown Grocery in Kalona, Iowa. Come see me and I'll take you there for cow sprinkles--black, brown AND white--to go with your pigs.

Anonymous said...

I'm old enough to know what a goober is (it's not an insult). And by now Steve has figured out how to keep one in suspense. The candy aisle looks too hard to resist. I'm glad I wasn't there.


ldsjaneite said...

Ha ha! What a great joke--from an older woman, too! Fantastic. I LOVE the pig sprinkles!

E said...

I think you should grease your pig sprinkles before putting them on the cake.

eliana23 said...

I am in love with the pig sprinkles. We got duck shaped licorice once and it was a little too fun to eat.

MBC said...

CSIowa--Oooh, I would like some cows!

KWB--The Urban Dictionary says a goober is a "kindhearted, rather oblivious goofball." He IS kindhearted.

ldsjaneite--It was very funny!

E--An excellent suggestion. They might not grease up as well as the plastic ones.

Eliana--Everything tastes better when it's a fun shape.

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