29 September 2010

Self Awareness

You know how there are things about yourself that you never notice? You do them and you don't think anything about them? Until you live with someone new? And he notices? And points it out? And you think, Oh, yeah, I guess I do do that. Steve recently brought something about me to my attention.

I sit on things.

When we're driving and I can't find the map and I'm digging through the glove compartment and pawing around in my bag trying to find it, Steve asks, Are you sitting on it? And I am. I always am.

On our trip to Ireland last weekend, I sat (on different occasions) on the map, Steve's hat, and the GPS device. I just get in the car and make myself comfortable with no notice of what's on the seat.

This probably explains that one time when my sister picked me up to drive me to work early in the morning. And she set her toast on the passenger's seat before she came to get me. And the toast was spread with honey. And I sat on it. And I went to work with sweet and sticky trousers.


eliana23 said...

This is probably not a marketable skill.

Lori said...

Honey buns.

Anonymous said...

Ah, we forgot to warn Steve about the toast! (But the window for offering warnings and cautionary tales was all too short!) --MarmDad

Anonymous said...

Haha, I thought Marmot Dad was informing you to look in the window of the car before making yourself comfortable... when I read it the second time I understood. Oh I need more sleep!

Anyway Ed said to me the other day "you say you are going to do a lot of things that you don't do". It was such a true statement that I couldn't argue.

Anonymous said...

... to make my comment make more sense:

I wish I sat on things rather than being the queen of empty promises.

MBC said...

Eliana--Pity, because I really want a job.

Lori--Bwa ha ha ha! Excellent!

MarmDad--What else would you have warned him about?

Meg--Oh, I don't just sit on things. I do other reprehensible things as well. Like biting.

ldsjaneite said...

I think you should market that talent.

Anonymous said...

Orange juice.


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