30 September 2010

Woe is Me

Oh, the cruel working world.

I want to re-enter it, but there's a dearth of library jobs (except for the one school library job, which frightens me a wee bit because, based on my experience with the school across the street, I may hate Scottish teenagers. maybe).

So, I'm looking around at other available options. If I were a butcher or a forklift operator, I'd be right in the money, because they are, apparently, urgently needed.

Today I looked at a website for mums returning to work, because I feel like we have a similarly bewildered outlook on the Scottish job market (the mums and I), so maybe the jobs listed there would be friendly, lady jobs. I opened up a long list of links but most of the job descriptions did not speak to me. They were full of ridiculous applicant descriptions. One company wanted individuals able to "delight" customers by anticipating their travel needs.

I really can't promise to delight anyone. It's a lot to ask for £9/hour.


Lady Susan said...

So sorry. Looking for work sucks. I did have to chuckle at the applicant description. Delight indeed.

Anonymous said...

Your Great Grandfather was a Butcher and your Great Grandmother was his "Right Hand Person".



eliana23 said...

I think being a butcher is perfect for Foodie MBC...and if it is in your genes, all the better. Knifes, no training, perfect.

E said...

Anticipating travel needs could be exciting! Just think, you could sit in a dimly-lit room, surrounded by candles, and after you come out of a deep meditative trance, you could say "I anticipate that you need to go to Belgium." (Or wherever.)

That would be delightful.

Anonymous said...

Not to be rude, but how could you possibly "anticipate" travel needs if you can't even anticipate toast? In fact, your only travel need that day probably WAS to anticipate the toast. (MarmDad)

MBC said...

Lady Susan--It is the worst. I've been having flashbacks to the last time I was looking for a new job and remembering that it was soul crushing. It's always nice to hear that other people dislike it, too.

Dad--If only the butchery skills were genetic.

Eliana--I did used to be really fascinated by the descriptions of the butcher shop in the book Maggie-Now. Maybe it's my One True Calling.

E--See, now if YOU were running the company and that's what you wanted me to do, I'd totally be on board. That sounds fabulous!

MarmDad--I know! I'm not fit for the job.

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