14 October 2010

I am in love with this soup.

My sister first fed me this soup, because she's a goodie.

You take 5 lbs of whole tomatoes and 2 cups of water

and put them in a pot with 3 large onions, 1/2 C of sugar, 1 T of salt, 1 T of pickling spice, a handful of parsley and a celery stalk.

Cook it all down, blend it and strain it through a sieve.

Eat with bacon and creme fraiche.

I LOVE it.


ldsjaneite said...

That's all it takes? I'm all for it! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

After several days, only one comment has been appended to this post. Why? I don't get it. The photos are fabulous .... if only they could actually TASTE the soup ... you would be inundated with comments of deepest gratitude and indebtedness. --Marmot Dad

MBC said...

ldsjaneite--Yep, it's easy, but the cooking down does take 2 hours.

Marmot Dad--I know. I TOLD Steve how great it was but then he was still all suprised at how FANtastic it was when he tasted it. I don't think anyone realizes how delicious tomato soup can be.

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