17 October 2010

Monkey Butter

1. I got a little job. At the beginning of November I start working at a bookshop in another city. It's not a super fantastic job, BUT it does mean the return of book review journals into my life.

2. Steve and I taught the 3-year-olds in church today. Steve thinks we should get our own personal three-year-old for home use.

3. I don't like French toast. This morning Steve made me a Monte Cristo sandwich for breakfast in place of French toast. It was an admirable substitute.

4. I wish that monkey butter were a real product.


eliana23 said...

I little job is one of the best kinds. I am excited that you will be Book Girl again.

Anonymous said...

Having missed the chance to comment on the recent soup which I am certain was fantastic having enjoyed your culinary skills over the last month. I'll venture the question. What's monkey butter?


Meg said...

I must a agree with Steve. I love my three-year-old. She now puts away her dishes, does her own laundry, goes to the potty alone and many other wonderful things. Three is great!

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