07 October 2010

The Sun is Shining, So Why Not See Tractors?

Today for work Steve needed to attend an agricultural event. He took me along because it was a BEAUTIFUL day to be outside and I agreed to accompany him because I wanted to see farmers in tweed jackets, which is what they wear in Scotland. (But I took my knitting in case I got bored.)

This is the official title of the event. It was a big trade show type thing featuring tractors and sprayers and other equipment. I really wished that I had a 3 or 4-year-old child with me, because it was heaven for boys who like big machines.

I found the machines less interesting, but I deigned to sit inside one and listen to the many reasons Steve loves it.

Really, the best bit of the whole thing was the Yorkshire sandwich I had for lunch. The meat is roasted and then sliced onto a bun with applesauce and stuffing.

When Steve had had his fill of tractors, we went driving. We made a brief stop at this castle in Edzell.

I think the UK has such gorgeous countryside. You can see on the bush that the leaves are just starting to turn.

We attempted to find a cemetery I've been wanting to visit in a teeny, tiny village that's about two inches big. We found the town and we found the old church, but it's been converted into someone's home. This is the walkway up to the church/house. Impressive, no?

And then we drove through several other idyllic little spots, but I was too busy slurping on a juice box to take pictures. It was lovely, though.


Lady Susan said...

No pictures of farmers in tweed jackets? I feel jipped.

ldsjaneite said...

I'm so glad you can find amazing food even in the oddest of places.

MBC said...

Lady Susan--I do, too. I didn't see any farmers in tweed. I was told that the event was not as well attended as expected, because it was a nice day and everyone was out harvesting.

ldsjaneite---In this case the food came to us, but I'm happy it was so good!

Eva said...

Hi! When I saw this http://www.goop.com/newsletter/99/en/ I thought that maybe you guys would like it if you haven't already seen it. (I'll add that it's a list of different food blogs that seem extra good, since I just realized this looks just like a spam comment.:)It's not,it's me, Eva in Göteborg. Have a good day!)

Theresa said...

Wow! MB, Steve never needs to doubt your love for him...! Listening to him raving about tractors - you're my hero! :D Beautiful photos, as always.

MBC said...

Eva--Ooh, thanks for the link! I knew a couple of the blogs on the list but the rest are new to me and they all look good. I'm sure Steve will like them, too, but he's working on dinner so he'll have to check them out later.

Theresa--One of my major responsibilities as Steve's wife is to be regularly educated on the subjects of tractors and trains!

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