06 October 2010


What I'm Reading
Ex Libris by Ross King
Steve's PhD supervisor is a very serious book lover. He owns an ever-expanding personal library of about 8,000 books and sometimes he sends books home with Steve that he thinks I might enjoy. This last time Steve came home with four fiction titles featuring books and libraries. Ex Libris is the first one I'm reading. I'm not very far in, but so far I like it. It's a nicely written historical literary thriller set in Britain and Europe.

What I'm Eating
My sister gave me this recipe and it is FANtastic. I usually pack whatever we had for dinner the night before for Steve's lunch, but I keep these leftovers for myself. It's even good cold.

What I'm Watching
BBC. Love the BBC. We don't have a TV, but we do have a computer and access to BBC iPlayer on the Internet. There are many things that are unfortunate here. (I don't know why 1980s fashions are so popular in Scotland. Nobody looks good in leggings and fringed ankle boots.) But, Britain has the. best. television. I'm currently watching a series in which the presenter takes on a topic (marriage, dating, childbrith) and visits different women across Great Britain to see their experiences with it. I find it fascinating even when it's a train wreck like yesterday's episode on drinking.

1 comment:

eliana23 said...

I want to watch this show. And maybe wear some ankle boots...you are a powerful woman with your suggestions.

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