21 October 2010

You Did a Good Job, Patrick Geddes

Have I ever mentioned how truly striking Edinburgh is? It's really a beautiful city. Patrick Geddes, the 19th-century urban planner, did a lot of work in Edinburgh and contributed to its very distinctive look.

I stayed in Edinburgh for a week last summer and it's where
Steve came to see me and took me on our first date.

We were in Edinburgh last night. Steve had a meeting downtown and I came along to go shopping with him at the best UK supermarket which only has two locations in Scotland, both in Edinburgh. We stocked up on chutney and black beans (remarkably hard to find) and orange curd at the grocery store. And then I found the Halloween candy. Steve doesn't like Halloween so he wasn't swayed by the selection of chocolate worms and maggot, but I was feeling that disgustingly-shaped chocolate might be just the thing. I was getting ready to make my case for purchasing a bag of worms and maggots, when I recalled that I was about to go see the Alvin Ailey dancers at the theatre while Steve went to talk about tractors and surveys and engineering at his meeting and that perhaps that was treat enough for the night.

And it was a treat, but I would still like a tasty maggot.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Steve had a much better time talking about tractors...

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