01 December 2010

My Hibernation Dreams are Coming True

The city is still shut down due to snow. I find this glorious. Yesterday I dutifully bought my train ticket and steeled myself for my bookstore job only to discover that my train was canceled and that I didn't have to go. Steve came back to the station and picked me up and we went to the store and found the only jar of plain (not strawberry) marshmallow fluff in possibly the entire country of Scotland.

I keep intending to go out and build a snowman or something now that I've found my boots, but then I get caught up in my long to-do list. I have yet to take advantage of the big green space behind our flat, but I have cleaned the house, priced out geese (and determined that we may not be able to have one for Christmas dinner--expensive!), researched the lyrics of 'O Christmas Tree' (so that our nightly serenade to the Christmas tree can approximate the actual words this evening), and cut my toenails, all of which were high on my list.

I'm still working on Christmas gift buying, also high on the list. What do you want for Christmas this year? I'm looking for gift-giving inspiration.


Moo said...

Yeah for hibernation! How much snow do you actually have on the ground by your flat? For the record, my grandma always said the proper way to eat a goose was to buy a board, cook the goose on it for a long, long time. Take it out, throw away the goose and eat the board.

ldsjaneite said...

Cutting toenails--very high on the list! I would like Star Wars lightsabre chopsticks. They were my birthday wish, too. That and many other items at ThinkGeek.com have my little heart laughing to bursting.

MBC said...

Moo--It's maybe 2 feet max. It's not enough to cause a disruption anywhere in the world that's accustomed to snow, but the country just isn't set up to deal with it. I waited at the train station for 3 hours yesterday because trains kept getting cancelled, mostly because employees couldn't get into work because side streets aren't cleared.

ldsjaneite--Hmmm, have not ever looked at thinkgeek.com. Will have to check it out.

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