03 December 2010

Special Songs

Friday morning Steve was singing 'That's Amore' while he prepared breakfast.

MBC: What did you just say?
Steve: When the moon hits your eye like a big piece of pie, that's amore!
MBC: Like a big piece of pie?
Steve: Yeah!
MBC: No, the song says, 'like a big pizza pie'
Steve: What?! Who's ever heard of a pizza pie?

And it went on for a bit while I asserted that everyone knows you can get a 'pie' and be referring to a pizza and Steve informed me that perhaps I'd never properly been in love because the song very clearly states that it feels like being hit in the eye with a piece of pie.

A few weeks ago I was singing about Puff the Magic Dragon and Steve commented that he would like some wax with which to seal his letters. Right in that very second (and not a moment before) I realized that Jackie Paper didn't bring Puff cleaning supplies (ceiling wax) but rather sealing wax. How curious.

It also took me years to understand that the song by The Bangles is about a manic Monday and not a man NAMED Monday. I always wondered why it would be better for him to be named Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Never let the words get in the way of great song.


CSIowa said...

When I was in high school my mom frequently wondered aloud why Huey Lewis and the News wanted to "skip to B-square."

This one isn't about a song, but I think I was about twenty when I finally understood why looking a gift horse in the mouth would be rude. Before then, I just always wondered why my grandmother insisted on putting raisins in the cookies she brought over when her own son doesn't even like them.

Anonymous said...

In unrelated news, I saw a advertisement for webbed gloves this week and thought of you (because of your wish to have a webbed hand): https://www.darkfingloves.com/?gclid=CIPH5siS06UCFVB95QodBErSlg

- Kjerste

Rebekah said...

i can beat that. five years ago i worked with a girl who thought the words were...

"When the moon hits the light,
It's a big pizza pie,
That's the money!"

i wrote it down and emailed it to myself.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say it's genetic. Kenny thought that "State trooper one way traffic cop" were actually the words to the Beatles song "Day tripper one way ticket, yeah"

Anonymous said...

They had a entire episode about misheard lyrics on CBC's "Q". They are called "Mondegreens", interesting story why.

eliana23 said...

Just last night I confessed to Todd that I thought the song SECRET AGENT MAN was about a Secret Asian Man... until a few years ago. I think it says a lot about my multicultural childhood. :)
And I thought it was ceiling wax too.

MBC said...

I like hearing about all of your confused lyrics!

Kjerste--Those are awesome! We have webbed gloves we wear for aqua fit but they aren't as superhuman-webby as those.

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