19 December 2010

See Steve. See Steve Speak. Speak, Steve, Speak.

I made a video of the way Steve and I pronounce the words from the last blog post (kindly disregard the messy office and the poor cinematography). I'm not sure you can really hear the difference in the way we say a few of the words, so here's the phonetic difference on a couple of the words.

MBC: Film
Steve: Fillum

MBC: Iurn
Steve: Irun

MBC: Won't
Steve: Wun't


Anonymous said...

Ok, Steve, I can handle most of those pronunciations, but NOT crudite. It's French. Cru di tay. Has to be. ruth

Anonymous said...

Steve is pronouncing film the correct way. Get him to say restaurant and potato. Those are my favs.

ldsjaneite said...

That was fabulous.

eliana23 said...

You are so dedicated to your fans to make us this movie!

Yankee Girl said...

What about Pantene and Adidas? Those killed me in Northern Ireland (and film, too of course).

Brooke said...

ok, this is awesome.

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