25 December 2010

Christmas in Pictures

(I think my photography skills are getting worse.)

My Christmas Eve looked like this:

I had to work all day Christmas Eve and then I had to sit in this mostly abandoned station for over an hour to wait for a delayed train to finally get home at 9:00 pm.

Today (Merry Christmas!) looked more like this:

Our only real ornament.

My festive thrift store stocking. Steve's is tartan.

We had a Dickensian Christmas with goose. Steve roasted the vegetables in the goose fat, rendering them both delicious and deadly.

We skipped the pies in favor of Christmas puddings. Steve is shaping them into individual dishes before steaming here. Please note that today is the one day he's allowed to wear The Sweatshirt.

Our friend Becky came to spend the day with us.

I love Christmas crackers

and wearing the funny hats inside them.

Merry Christmas!


ldsjaneite said...

How fun! The goose looks delicious. Merry Christmas!

Moo said...

Yeah for Christmas! We made our own Christmas crackers this year. Hope everything is going fabulously for you.

Anonymous said...

My Christmas was worse!

Looked like a good time! Merry Christmas!

MBC said...

ldsjaneite--Merry Christmas to you too!

Moo--We read about making Christmas crackers just last night. Toilet paper tubes and tissue paper they recommend. Hope things are fabulous with you too.

Meg--Sorry you had to work. Hope the celebration the days before were good, though!

Anonymous said...

We had two Christmas crackers left over from last year, so we used those and wore the hats and thought of you. Mom

JAMES said...

I wanted some exotic bird or meat, but instead ate a pork chop at a local foodery with SK and one of our friends. We didn't cook, see. In fact we are eating out like crazy before the babe gets here.

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