03 January 2011

Fish Ladder

On Saturday Steve and I set out on a hiking adventure to the woods at the edge of town. Sadly, the woods were closed. There was a sign advising us that we were not allowed to park in the car park and the entrance was roped off.

So, we drove to Pitlochry instead.

Unbeknowst to us, there was a New Year's Day street festival on in Pitlochry, so the high street was closed to traffic and a band played while a kilted man crooned songs for ceilidh dancers. Steve and I wandered around town and then walked out to the dam and fish ladder. I'd never heard of a fish ladder before and was excited (even though fish are creepy and shouldn't be given tools or equipment like ladders) to see it.

It's a wee bit anticlimactic if you're expecting a scene from Dr. Seuss.

The fish ladder is that collection of pools on the left. The fish swim through pipes that connect the pools to get upstream past the dam. (Photo from here.)

Even without the charm of One Fish, Two Fish, isn't that one of the prettiest industrial buildings you've ever seen?


Anonymous said...

There is something akin to a fish ladder right on the Provo River, one-half mile from where we live. It's upstream, just on the other side of Geneva Road, behind the KOA campground. It looks more like a small rocky channel of water .... not industrial at all, but not quite natural either. It helps the June suckers get further upstream to breed. The fish have long been endangered, and this fishy laddery thing, built fairly recently, has extended the June sucker spawning ground for an extra mile upstream. They say its doing some good. MarmDadCharmDad

Deidre said...

That is quite a nice industrial building, I wish more were that scenic.

MBC said...

I like your new handle, MarmDadCharmDad.

Deidre--Yeah, I often wonder what happened to the idea of building something beautiful rather than something entirely functional.

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