29 January 2011

Haggis with Mr. Burns

I attended my first Burns Supper last night AND I forgot my camera.  The dinner was held at church so it was not very traditional.  Very traditional=lots of drinking.  There was haggis piped out, though, and Robert Burns poetry and old, Scottish men wore kilts.  I performed a song about wellies with the young women, some of the children recited poetry and there was dancing.  Can I just say again how much I love Scottish dancing?  Oh, I do!  I love lining up between the very old and the very young to "strip the willow."  It's one of my favorite Scottish traditions.  Here's one of my least favorite Scottish traditions: bringing terrible, store-bought treats to events.  Dessert was potluck and consisted of 5,000 tins of shortbread and a collection of plastic-packaged cupcakes, mince pies and donuts.  Haggis was better than dessert and that can't often be true.


Anonymous said...

"Strip the willow" looks very similar to a Virgina Reel. Not surprising as they come from the same ancestry. I like haggis too. Sad that no one cooks anymore. Checking my history though it seems that as far as baking was concerned no one baked at home it was always done by the bakery. Hence the french revolution because of the high price of bread. I talk too much.


Anonymous said...

Mamaw talked about doing strip the willow. Of course, a lot of WV is of Scottish origin. Mom

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