31 January 2011

Multicultural Hot Dogs

Steve loves the German store in town and quite rightly. They are home to all kinds of bargains from brussels sprouts to air mattresses. We even bought our gooseberry bushes there last year. Recently Steve brought home long, skinny German hot dogs from the store (I assume that they're actually German, but it's hard to say since this particular store is also home to "American-style" hot dogs that come floating in a glass jar).

Steve decided we should eat the hot dogs Swedish-style (minus the buns because we forgot to buy them). They are made in the following manner:

1. Cook up hot dogs in remoska.
2. Top with mashed potatoes.
3. Dress with Swedish mustard, American ketchup, and Canadian relish.
4. Sprinkle Danish-style, German fried onions on top. (I'm a wee bit onion-averse, but fried onions taste more like crunchiness than like onions.)

I usually only enjoy hot dogs grilled outside, but I found these really delightful!

This is Steve's plate.  I left the ketchup off my mashed potatoes and was a bit more sparing with the fried onions.   It is the yum.


Theresa said...

Halv special!!! Respekt...

Anonymous said...

Another remoska worthy meal. I like polish sausages. I expect they are similar. What will Steve do if you move back to North America and he can't use his remoska? We're not giving ours up.
Happy dining.


ldsjaneite said...

That is the most colorful plate--it all looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Isn't food the BEST! (MarmDad)

Steve said...

The only thing we were missing was the bun, which I must admit was my fault (forgot to pick them up on the way home even when it was on the list!).

I'd like to also point out I even scooped the mashed potatoes with an ice cream scoop to add to the authenticity...

I think I could make a million bringing these foods to Canada... I met a herring fisherman this summer who was saying he's got no market for his catch other than for lobster bait and has had to dump some fish. I wonder how hard it would be to set up a Senap Sill factory?

MBC said...

Theresa--Ah, Steve told me that name for it, but I didn't dare try to spell it.

KWB--Maybe Steve can build us a remoska.

ldsjaneite--VERY delicious!


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