01 February 2011

You want to know what we're eating all week? Yeah, okay.

We've started making more lists in our house.  I'm a true believer in a grocery shopping list and now I also believe in the weekly dinner list.  The written out, posted on the refrigerator dinner list.  With details on what we're eating for breakfast and lunch each day, because while I was working out of town, I would sometimes come home and ask Steve what he had for lunch and it would be something like ketchup on bread and six brownies, because he just couldn't find anything to eat.  I should note right here that Steve is an excellent cook and that he was often, in addition to eaten brownies for lunch, making me delicious meals to eat when I arrived home.  He just had a hard time stopping his own work and thinking of something he could eat quickly without advance planning.  So, the list.

Today the list dictates that we're eating the Cook's Illustrated beans and rice (with delicious ham bits).  I love this recipe because it (a) is tasty and (b) produces huge amounts of leftovers that I can freeze and eat later.

Tomorrow: homemade pizza and salad

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: steamed fish and broccoli and Moroccan carrot salad  (I can't remember if the recipe actually specifies that the salad is Moroccan or if I just made that up, but it SEEMS like something they would eat in Morocco)

Saturday: red pesto pasta and broccoli (oh, yes, broccoli WAS on sale this week)

Sunday: the list says we're having pork chops but really the list is not the boss of me, so we're having this Greek lamb and pasta thing, because the superstore had a leg of lamb on sale today and as I was purchasing the extrasupersaver 8p shower gel, I felt okay about £5 for a lamb appendage

Now you know.


E said...

How does one make red pesto?

MBC said...

One buys it at the grocery store. (and then cooks it up with garlic, onions, bacon and peas). Buuuut, if one really had to make it from scratch, it uses sundried tomatoes as its base.

Alice said...

I am totally a believer in food. You should always plan food and love food. I am really good at the loving of food but not so much the planning of food. I am glad you are good at lists. I always think of you when I go grocery shopping because I never go without a list thanks to you. Thanks for changing my life for the better! :)

ldsjaneite said...

That pasta sounds amazing.

Brooke said...

hhhmmm, I'd love the recipe for the Moroccan Carrot salad - can you email it to me when you get a minute?

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