28 February 2011

Stuff I Really Extra Super Love in Scotland

1. Traffic lights that turn yellow before turning green.  Brilliant.

2. Digestive biscuits.  I've discovered that plain (not chocolate) digestive biscuits make an admirable (but less healthy) alternative to graham crackers.  Digestive biscuit-based s'more?  Oh, yes!  Of course, first you have to track down marshmallows.

3. Really good television.

4. Ceilidh dancing.

5. Wall switches for outlets.  As in, you can turn the power on or off to each individual outlet in your home.  Why doesn't everyone do this?  It's dead useful.

6. The phrase dead useful.

7. Waitrose.  This is the best grocery store in the UK.  There's only one in Scotland, but it has all the good stuff.  Orange curd.  Fancy grains.  Every kind of chutney. We're visiting on Friday and saving up our pence to buy a special treat.

8. Spring that starts in February with gorgeous flowers and lots of sun.  (Snowdrops are up.)

9. Heated towel racks.  They're everywhere, my friends.

10. Castles.  We have six in our city.

11. Proper countryside.

12. Welly boots.  I wish I could wear mine all the time. (Then no one would know that my jeans are too short.)


Anonymous said...

I wear my winter boots all the time, but it is -35 outside right now. Isn't it always raining there? That's reason enough to wear your boots.

Breanne said...

I wonder what things you really super extra miss, but why focus on that? You're in Scotland!

eliana23 said...

heated towel racks are dead useful. The outlet idea is brilliant

Stephanie said...

I loved that in Edinburgh there were baked potatoes everywhere. With crazy cheeses and hams on top. I had one every day.

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