16 March 2011

Around My Scottish Town

This morning on my walk from the gym to the library, I snapped some photos of our city.

Fountain in front of the main performing hall.

There are several metal animals downtown.  I've never noticed before that this monkey is rearranging the letters that spell out INFORMATION on the information board.

Flame mosaic commemorating the last witch burning in town in 1669.

We live in one of the roughest cities in Scotland (which is why it wasn't entirely surprising when
schoolgirls were setting a fire in our stair tower last week).  The town is full of graffiti and derelict buildings, but there's also so much gorgeous architecture.


eliana23 said...

Love the clock--and the chance to think about witch burning early in the morning.

Anonymous said...

You should check out a book called "Witch's Blood" by William Blain. If you haven't already. It's all about Dundee.

Steve said...

I never noticed that the monkey is re-arranging the letters of Information to spell "Ma Fair Toon" as Dundonian for My Fair Town.

Not my Fair City - which would be referring to Perth.

Anonymous said...

I'd spotted most of the things down town but had completely missed the Witch Flame. I agree the architecture is wonderful. It throws back to when Dundee was a rich city full of jute and marmalade.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the monkey I know where to go when I am looking for "ma fair toon".

ldsjaneite said...

They commemorated the last witch burning? Was that for "yay we're not doing this anymore," or "look what we used to do?"

MBC said...

Eliana--Yes, poor Grizzel found herself on the wrong side of Henry Scrymgour's authority (great names, hey?)

Anonymous--Someone else recently recommended that one to me. I'll have to check it out.

Steve--I never noticed that either until you pointed it out.

KWB--It's actually a bit hard to identify as a flame, if you don't know to look for it.

Meg--He's a helpful monkey.

Ldsjaneite--Maybe a bit of both.

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