18 March 2011

Picture Pages

I took the camera along on our errands today

and took pictures of Steve while he waited at a busy intersection. 

He's actually yawning here, not screaming at the bad traffic.

The flowers are just coming up.  Soon there will be huge banks of them all over our side of town.

Every time I see this sign, I wish there really were a land o' cakes. 

This church is pretty

and conveniently located near this fish and chips shop. I thought that fish was playing the bagpipes, but Steve says she's holding a bag of chips.
Every time I see these signs near the stadium, I wonder why the coaches need their own instructions (can't they just go with the rest of the team?), even though I've been here plenty long enough to know that a coach is a hired bus.

I really love Scottish 5-sided dormers

and chimney pots.  Chimney pots are the best.


ldsjaneite said...

I love this post. So many smiles--especially the coaches one.

Theresa said...

I'm so much looking forward to your visit!!!!! :) :) :)

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