06 March 2011

Down with Doctors

I am ill.

My solution to illness is generally to suffer. I wake up in the morning, I wipe my nose on Steve's shirt, and I moan that I don't feel well all day.

Steve's solution is drugs. Lots of drugs. This morning he convinced me to take a cocktail of pain relievers and to stay home from church, where I can enjoy the sweet, sweet silence of our newly quiet neighbors.

Friday I had to visit a number of health care professionals, not to cure me, to give me a clean bill of health for my immigration forms. We drove to Edinburgh for a physical and chest x-ray, which involved far fewer clothes than I would have liked and much more money.

Afterwards, we drove to Fife to see the Earthship and Kellie Castle. One of the good things about Scotland is that there's always a nice castle to visit after being subjected to the indignities of bureaucracy.


HAH said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well - hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Just recovering from a nasty cold myself, so you have all of my sympathy. Best of luck on the immigration stuff. When I did it things were much simpler and cheaper.


MBC said...


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