29 March 2011

Thank You, Martha

I've mentioned Martha on the blog before. She's a lovely, white-haired woman who's probably in her late 80s or early 90s.  When Steve and I first got married, she greeted me with, "So, you've gone and married my boyfriend, have you?" and several months ago she advised me that the first 60 years of marriage are the hardest (she was married for 61).  She's wonderful, but we really don't interact with her that often, just the occasional quick conversation at church every month or two.

Sunday she gave us this lovely anniversary gift.

It's a Scottish tradition to give a new couple something of your own for their first anniversary.  Martha's grandmother gave her this bud vase and we've been instructed to pass it on in the same way.  She told Steve that she considered giving it to one of her grandchildren, but she has so many she couldn't decide who it should go to, so she passed it to us instead.  I was so touched that she would think of us.

Thank you, Martha.


eliana23 said...

I want to cry. I love the tradition and I love Martha.

stash said...

What a sweet woman!

Anonymous said...

Martha is indeed a sweetheart. First time I met her and introduced myself as Steve's dad she extolled all of Steve's virtues to me and stated that if she was a bit younger she'd claim him for her own. MBC your're lucky she gave him up with out too much of a fight.


chandlerguera said...

What a lovely story! She's a sweetheart.

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