28 March 2011

Window Shopping

There was some excellent window shopping in St. Andrews on Saturday.

Very fine looking haggis in the artisan butcher's shop.

William and Kate paper dolls.

Do you see what that sign says?  Cheese wedding cakes!  I really enjoy the speciality shops in Scotland--cheesemongers, fishmongers, ironmongers, all the mongers really.

I often see these wee frogs in bakery windows.  I'm always tempted to buy them because they're darling, but then I remember that cute food is generally less delicious than non-cute food (learn and remember).


Alice said...

I love the pictures from the past few posts! They really make me want to come and visit again!!! (And I would have to buy a frog just to try!) I hope that you will be around long enough for my next trip! :) And the code I have to type into the verification box is happi, isn't that nice?

ldsjaneite said...

You have given me the solution! I don't want a cake wedding cake, but one of Cheese?! Oh...I'm in heaven.

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