27 March 2011

Taking a Vacation from Our Problems

Yesterday Steve and I took a little day trip to St. Andrews, a town that I love for its very beautiful architecture and most excellent charity shops.  On the way there Steve realized that he'd never taken me to West Sands beach, the location of the opening scene of the film Chariots of Fire.

Steve:  Do you want to go?
MBC:  Yes! (pause to think about the beach) And I can sing the song and pretend to run on the beach and you can take my picture.
Steve:  Maybe you shouldn't sing the song.

But I DID sing the song.  A lot.  And I think Steve will still agree to return with me when it's warmer so we can have a bonfire on the beach.  He's good like that.

West Sands Beach, St. Andrews in the background

There was a polo game going on on one section of the beach.  It was all a little too posh and British for me.  I had to exclaim about it a lot (and then sing the Chariots of Fire theme song some more).

I'm standing in the cloisters near some of the original buildings of St. Andrews University.  There's a very helpful timeline in the cloisters noting important events in the school's history such as the incident in 1470 when several masters and students were expelled for attacking the dean with bows and arrows.

I like the architecture in St. Andrews.  Some of it is old and some of it is ancient.


Breanne said...

So where's the picture of you running on the beach?!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Breanne. Where's the you running on the beach photo?
I love St' Andrews as well. I like the little memorials.
Why didn't you get a photo of the golf course? It was my priority on our second visit there.


Moo said...

How could you not sing the Chariots of Fire song while running on that beach. Humanly impossible.

CSIowa said...

Are there actually words to the Chariots of Fire song? I always sing "da da da da daaa daaa (ch ch ch ch ch), da da da da daaaa."

ldsjaneite said...

Nice! I'd love to see the running picture, too. Maybe you can include a vocal track to hear you sing the song as well.

MBC said...

I only made Steve take one running picture and my legs (strategically posed for running action) were cut off! Also, I look angry in the photo (I was going for determined).

KWB--I only just glanced at the golf course. I can't rouse any enthusiasm for the game.

Moo--True. It just wells up out of you.

CSIowa--I sing it that way too. Or sometimes with these words--I'm running, I'm ruuuuning. I run and I run. Etc.

eliana23 said...

I never worry about bows and arrows at school, maybe I should start. My mother will be envious of your CHARIOTS moment. Lovely pictures, as always.

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