25 March 2011


Steve and I went on a date tonight.  (When I told Steve I was enjoying our date, he was unaware that we were on one, but we were.  We were on a date tonight.)  Today we started The Big Clean at the flat, complete with Steve scrubbing the kitchen floor on his hands and knees and a chair collapsing on me and trying to chop me off at the ankles while I cleaned the top of the refrigerator.  We decided to just grab fish and chips for dinner, because the idea of preparing a meal and, worse, dirtying our kitchen after five hours of labor was too much to bear.

We drove over to Tayport to try out a highly recommended chippy. The chippy was near the Tayport Club, which has this great gate featuring a pool player.

Tayport is a really lovely little town on the Tay River.  The sun was just setting over the Tay Bridge (famous for both the Tay Rail Bridge Disaster and William McGonagall's commemoration of it in one of his unfortunate poems).

Our meal was delicious, but chip shops in the UK are really stingy with their ketchup.  They charge 25p for each little packet of it, so Steve brought our big bottle from home.  He doesn't believe in paying for ketchup.

And I had my first pea buster, a local specialty.  It's just chips and mushy peas with vinegar.  I love mushy peas.  Mmmm.

Afterwards we stopped at Steve's favorite candy store. It's been around since 1911 and still sells penny candy from big canisters that fill almost every available space in the shop. I purchased chocolate lime creams (unwise) and lucky tatties.
We've been trying to visit for a year now and this is the first time we've arrived when they were actually open.  I love it.  Next time I'm going to buy a pair of Fiona's False Teeth.


Anonymous said...

"When I told Steve I was enjoying our date, he was unaware that we were on one, but we were."

Does he know the two of you are married? (How far does this unaware-ness extend?)


JAMES said...

I love fish and chips. I've never had mushy peas, but may make them some day. A pea buster looks amazing.

MBC said...

Kjerste--Yes, he is definitely aware we are married. It is often hard to tell if you're on a date with someone though, you know? I once told someone that I hadn't been on a date in a really long time and then he informed me that we were on a date right then. Oooooh.

James--Mushy peas are the best. The super cheap ones especially. We buy them in cans or boxes here. There's something about mushy peas that's different from regular peas. (A pea buster IS amazing.)

Anonymous said...

That's very, very unusual for a chippy to charge for sauce. Oh, and if you had been in Edinburgh you would have been offered "salt and [brown] sauce" on your chips instead of salt and vinegar.

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