13 April 2011

Conversations with My Spouse

MBC: This is yummy.
Steve:  Yeah, do you know what the secret ingredient is?
MBC: Love? (This is always my guess when Steve asks me about his secret ingredients.)
Steve: No, mushroom ketchup.  (Love is never the right answer.)
MBC: What's in mushroom ketchup that makes it taste so good?
Steve: Love.

Steve: Have you tried that terrible crispy toast stuff?  Do you have that in America?
MBC: I don't know.  Do you mean melba toast?
Steve: No, it's crispy toast.  It's like Hitler toast.
MBC: I don't know what that means.
Steve: It means that if Hitler were toast, that's the kind he would be.


Anonymous said...

All things made with or include love are always best.


Alice said...

Have I mentioned this before? You both are hilarious and I love that you get to share your life adventures together. So special!

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