10 April 2011

Good Reasons to Marry Steve

1. He will make homemade spaghetti.

Steve got a new toy at the thrift store.  For the low, low price of £2.50, he came home with this handy pasta maker/meat grinder.  It's a wee, red blessing.

Today Steve used it for pasta for the first time.  Who knew making spaghetti was so easy?

Mamma Mia!


eliana23 said...

I am surprised it worked so well for a wee plastic item. Go Steve!

Breanne said...

Did the pasta-hanging chair come with the grinder?

MBC said...

Eliana--Yes, it's surprisingly good.

Breanne--Chair sold separately. You don't actually have to hang them up. We just did it to keep them from getting tangled up while we made the 2nd batch.

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