17 April 2011

I believe the wicked, mean winter is behind us.

The weather's been BEAUTIFUL lately, which makes me quite fidgety if I have to stay inside too much. I end up grabbing Steve and saying, "Come here. I need to shake you." Then we go for a walk.

I don't know what these flowers are, but they're lovely.

This burn (stream) used to power several mills in town.  It seems quite small these days, but there's still an aqueduct that runs over top of it.

We realized yesterday that there was a cemetery in town I'd never visited.  This angel stands on the entry gate.

This is the entire inscription on this grave.

The stone in this wall plaque didn't hold up very well, but I love the iron frame.

Yay, Spring!


CSIowa said...

Magnolia tree?

MBC said...

Nope. Leaves aren't waxy and leaves and tree are too small.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful photos!

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