24 May 2011

Feeling Too Busy to Post

Our flat is looking quite bare.  We're moving next week, so we've been selling all our furniture.  Our dressers and wardrobe were the first to go, so our clothes are crammed into suitcases on the floor.

Our allotment is also looking quite sad.  We had 100 mph winds yesterday that pulled strawberry plants straight out of the ground and flattened potato plants and raspberry canes.  My newly-planted squash patch lost at least half its occupants.  It's sad.  We ran over yesterday while it was still blowing to try to mitigate the damage, managing to fasten down some of the loose ground coverings, transport the herbs into the green house, and save a little bird that had been blown into flapping netting.  He'd better not eat our berries now that we've saved his little bird life.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

100 mile an hour winds!!! That's as bad as Alberta. Hopefully you'll be able to replant some of the storm tossed plants.


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