16 May 2011

Sweden: Pictures without People Edition

Inside Marstrand Fortress.

View from the fortress.

Not very old castle.

Scenery around the not very old castle.

I found these flowers at the botanical garden very interesting.

This is the port at a little island in the archipelago.  See all the wheelbarrows for people to take home the shopping they bring back on the ferry?

Sad metal dog.

Church near Marstrand Fortress.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!


Meg said...

I can't wait to go to Sweden!

eliana23 said...

I need a wheelbarrow. I enjoyed the photos, sorry Steve, these were better than yours.

Anonymous said...

Who's the guy in the miniskirt and loose jean leggings in the first picture under the bridge?


Theresa said...

Awesome photos! I really need to upload mine from the camera…….. I love this sweden series, keep it coming.. :)

MBC said...

Theresa--I think that's the end of my series! Most of the rest of my photos weren't great (still haven't mastered our camera settings). I'd love to see yours, though.

Anonymous said...

The flower is a fritillary (Fritillaria). Just thought you should know, for future reference. --MarmDad

MBC said...

Thank for that info, MarmDad. Noted.

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