08 June 2011

Can You Tell that We Don't Have Internet in the New Flat?

Sunday was my birthday.  Everything was in boxes and half our kitchen stuff was still in the old flat, but Steve managed to cook me a nice dinner and bake a German Chocolate Cake.  His cooking had the dual benefit of being delicious and changing the odour in our new home from Dank and Stale to Slightly Hammy--a vast improvement.

We're still moving.  Friday people from church are coming to help us haul the last of the boxes.  I do not where these boxes will go.  We already have our food stacked on every available shelf and our clothes lying in suitcases in the deep windowsills.  We've downsized but we're still trying to fit belongings that filled a 3-bedroom flat with 2 pantries and 2 closets and a wardrobe into a 1-bedroom flat with 1 closet (which is mostly taken up by a walled up fireplace).  Steve is currently trying to wedge the iron in next to the hot water heater.  I salute his efforts.

The move has unearthed many exciting belongings we forgot we had, like the Statue of Liberty "I Love Liberty" napkins I found at the German store.  I can't wait for the 4th of July.


eliana23 said...

moving. yuck. I think you need an early independence day celebration.

Anonymous said...

Er, you mean the 1st of July when we celebrate Canada Day or Dominion Day as it was called when I was just a little lad.


MBC said...

Eliana--Yes, a celebration of independence from the old flat.

KWB--Nope. We're having a good, old fashioned American celebration, complete with liberty paper goods.

Courtney said...

Somehow I missed this post so Happy Late Birthday!

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