04 June 2011

Fake Summer

I thought that summer had arrived yesterday.  It was warm and sunny outside.  We threw open the windows in the new flat, which warmed it up enough to keep the heaters off last  night and, added bonus, took away a little bit of the we-live-in-an-old-old-building smell.  We even made plans to have a bbq today.

Unfortunately, our summer weather is gone.  Our friends and their four kids came into town to visit and help us move our bookcases over to the new flat.  The children and their mother and I stayed at the park while the men went to do the heavy lifting.  We had the park largely to ourselves, because it's cold today.  We cooked our hamburgers outside and sat at a picnic table, but part of the way through the meal, the 2-year-old waved good-bye to us and went to huddle by the van for warmth.

Come on, Scotland.  It's June!


Anonymous said...

Come home. It's been over 90 for a week and continues to be hot. Mom

Anonymous said...

My crab tree started to bloom two days ago... I believe you were getting blossoms over two months ago... don't complain!

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