15 June 2011

London May Well Be My Favorite City

Yesterday was my grand day out in London. After all my fingerprinting was taken care of, I took myself down to Leicester Square to buy a theatre ticket and see some sights.

I'd never been in London's Chinatown before, so I strolled through and picked up my lunch from a street vendor (£1 for lunch - this was a budget trip).  Mostly Chinatown consisted of Chinese restaurants, advertisements to increase male "vigour" and women standing on the sidewalks chanting, "Massage?  Massage?  Massage?"

I walked down to Trafalgar Square to hear a bit of the lunchtime concert at St. Martin-in-the-Fields

and to see what was happening at the Cafe in the Crypt.  I love the Crypt.  I didn't actually eat anything there, but I sat myself down at a table and appreciated the gravestones on the floor

and the crypty ceiling.

Buildings around Leceister Square are lovely and worth a stroll about to appreciate.

After my stroll, I saw a performance of The Mousetrap.  I bought the cheapest seat possible, at the very top of a very steep theatre.  Fortunately, matinees are not usually full, so we were all allowed to move down and sit at a lower altitude.

By the way, I really like the art in the Charing Cross tube station.


ldsjaneite said...

18 months and I shall be there! (I hope anyhow.)

Breanne said...

London is my favorite city for sure. =)

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