14 June 2011

My Late Birthday Gift, Thanks to Scotland's Difficulty in Taking Fingerprints

Steve was concerned about my birthday this year.    Last year he took me to London and this year he knew that our exciting activity the weekend of my birthday would be moving to a damp, dark flat that we don't really like.  Fun times.

Fortunately for Steve, the combined bureaucracies of the US, Canada, and Scotland made it necessary for me to come to London today to get my fingerprints taken.  We've tried to have them taken in Scotland, but they never meet FBI standards, so last night I took the sleeper down to meet a very nattily-dressed, ex-Scotland Yard fingerprint expert.  So, I get my birthday trip to London after all. 


ldsjaneite said...

Yay! FBI Standards and all!

Anonymous said...

you know, I am friends with some FBI agents here. Their standards are not that high. Just sayin


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