20 June 2011

We TRIED to take the bus.

We sold our car Saturday night.  Our move across town necessitated a change of congregation,  so Sunday morning with no car we checked bus schedules and figured out how to get over to our new church building.  We collected our change (Steve very busily counted out the pile of pennnies he's been accumulating on his bedside table) and found our bus stop, but we were only standing at the bus shelter a few minutes before someone Steve knows from the new building pulled up and offered us a ride.  Nice!  At church I sat next to an older woman who introduced herself and then, when she realized it was my very first week there, grabbed me and hugged me and assured me I'd love it there.  What's not to love with a beginning like that?  After church Steve and I once again found our bus stop and once again counted our change, but then a car stopped and there was the woman who hugged me and her husband insisting we hop in so they could drive us home.  Nice again.  Six pounds of savings and a feeling of goodwill for the world.  Now that's a nice day.

1 comment:

CSIowa said...

I read the title of the post and was afraid of a disastrous experience. I'm so glad the failure to take the bus was for positive reasons, and that the first week boded(?) well.

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