09 July 2011

I Ate a Taaaaco

Steve and I traveled to Glasgow yesterday. Steve was attending graduation for the college where he teaches (the degrees are granted by the University of Glasgow) and I was stuffing myself with Mexican food. Because Glasgow has a taco shop. A taco shop!

Steve in his robe.  The hood is SUPPOSED to be red.

Cloisters at the university (where post-graduation refreshments were served AND where I dropped my strawberry tart on my shirt).

I visited Glasgow Cathedral while Steve fulfilled his duties.

Blackadder's Aisle in the Cathedral

I checked out the Necropolis too.  I don't know what this symbolizes, but I saw it a lot.
Necropolis Monument


I made it back to the university just in time to see the piper leading everyone out to the quadrangle.

Steve got led.

And then we went to eat at the Mexican place again. Because the only Mexican restaurant in our city costs a billion pounds and serves all its entrees with Cajun wedges.


Katya said...

The tree/bird/fish/bell thing is the Glasgow coat of arms:


MBC said...

Ahhh, I should have known. There were street lamps with the symbol worked into them too.

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